Human Impacts on the Environment


Recently Apple brought renewable energy to over 3500 South African households that previously lacked access. We are also helping to reduce electricity costs for the Pioneer School for the Visually Impaired by funding rooftop solar panel installations at three schools across South Africa. And in October 2021 we announced a partnership with the Oceti Sakowin Power Authority, a 500-megawatt clean energy project put forward by six Sioux tribes in the Dakotas, to develop tribal renewable energy resources for the wholesale market. This project will support a large-scale wind power development in the Midwest. We’re continuing to find more ways to expand access to clean, affordable energy solutions around the world, empowering people and progress one renewable energy project at a time. Communities of color often bear the greatest impacts of climate change. Environmental solutions can help advance equity for these communities.

What is the example of environment?

The environment, as far as humans are concerned, is our natural world, including, for example, the atmosphere, land, vegetation, oceans, rivers, and lakes. Put simply, the term refers to all the physical surroundings on our planet.

This month’s focus is on the Center for Industrial Ecology, which seeks not only to advance our understanding of the environmental impacts of production and consumption on an international scale, but also to be part of tangible solutions. We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards for labor and human rights protections, health and safety in the workplace, environmental practices, and the responsible sourcing of materials. Our aim is to make products using only renewable resources or recycled materials — so we prioritize, responsibly source, and recover materials.

Doubling finance flows into nature-based solutions by 2025 to deal with global crises – UN report

These potential risk scores represent the best estimate of a pesticide’s impact on the surrounding environment. The environments were considered as random variables while the genotypes were treated as fixed variables. There are few studies reported on the problem of motion planning in dynamic environments. The rich diversity and the production environment and methods are favorable for organic rice production. The company develops large-scale, fully-integrated, multimedia software environments for telephone company networks and cable TV systems.

By removing them from iPhone 12 packaging, we estimate that we avoided mining over 550,000 metric tons of copper, tin, and zinc ore. Using smaller, lighter packaging lets us fit up to 70% more iPhone boxes per shipping pallet, which helps further reduce our carbon footprint. Eliminating power adapters from device packaging lets us avoid more than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to removing 500,000 cars Environment from the road for a year. Leaving out those adapters was a bold change for Apple and a necessary one for our planet. Our goal of making products with net zero carbon impact by 2030 goes hand in hand with our commitment to those most affected by climate change — and to global communities who are finding solutions and taking inclusive action to fight it. November 23, 2022 • The climate meeting known as COP27 has wrapped.

Least Developed Countries Fund

Aluminum is one of our most widely used materials, and it represented over a quarter of our product manufacturing footprint in 2015. So we developed a 100% recycled alloy that still meets our high standards for performance and durability. The new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE use 100% recycled aluminum in their cases — joining all iPad models, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and the 14‑inch and 16‑inch MacBook Pro models.

Background often refers to the circumstances or events that precede a phenomenon or development. A spotlight on nature and biodiversity with posts from partners, the UN System, and others. The steady supply of micronutrients in the soils is due to the acidic environment solubilizing these nutrients.

Water and Sanitation

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘environment.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Milieu applies especially to the physical and social surroundings of a person or group of persons. Environment applies to all the external factors that have a formative influence on one’s physical, mental, or moral development. Moreover, it is desirable that agent-oriented development environments can support scalability and heterogeneity aspects of multi-agent systems.

Studies show that if a working environment is pleasant, productivity increases. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge.

November 21, 2022 • Spain a prolific producer of strawberries, and the jurisdiction of Huelva is where 80% of the country’s berries are grown, in an industry that is increasingly demanding. November 29, 2022 • Florida’s barrier reef has lost 95% of its coral over the last half-century. Researchers, activists and government agencies are working to restore the reefs and ensure their long-term survival. November 29, 2022 • The Biden administration declared the northern long-eared bat endangered on Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to save a species driven to the brink of extinction by white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease. November 30, 2022 • Two seafood monitoring groups downgraded Maine lobster’s sustainability ratings, prompting Whole Foods to pause purchases. December 7, 2022 • Conservationists say a sustainable fishing program has helped the recovery of the local pirarucu — which can be up to 10-feet long and weigh 450 pounds.

  • The waste material must be stored safely to avoid pollution of the environment.
  • November 23, 2022 • The climate meeting known as COP27 has wrapped.
  • Reuters, the news and media division of Thomson Reuters, is the world’s largest multimedia news provider, reaching billions of people worldwide every day.
  • The use of biodiesel is being encouraged by governments around the world, as a way of reducing emissions which are harmful to the environment.

I suspect that such factors as “inter-reflections between surfaces,” though certainly demonstrable and interesting, are of secondary importance even in most natural environments. The cotton-manufacturing industry fulfilled different roles in each town, and consequently had a different impact on each political environment. In a fast-paced, changing business environment, making sure employees have the right guidance can be critical.


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